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Nov 29, 2020

Level II: Global Aerospace client services

Fatigue Risk Management Webinar Training Session: Live seminar style webinar that focuses on the key aspects of Fatigue Risk Management, identification of fatigue causal factors, likely fatigue hot spots in the flight operations, mitigation strategies, and an overview of tools and procedures for managing fatigue on and off duty.

2-Month Trial of Aviation Fatigue Meter: Fleet Insight and Fatigue Meter Pro Planner will be enabled for the flight department’s scheduling and safety personnel to trail over a two month period to evaluate FRMS within its operation workflow. At conclusion of trial, if moving into production, the setup and scheduling system integration fees are applied and the production subscription will have a 20% discount.


Level III: Global Aerospace Elite client services  

One Year subscription to Aviation Fatigue Meter: Technology originally developed for NASA and the Department of Defense, Aviation Fatigue Meter turns a complex fatigue science into actionable information. Fleet Insight interfaces with popular scheduling software platforms to proactively evaluate fatigue across the entire operations schedule, easily identifying fatigue hotspots in schedules and enabling the exploration and design of optimal fatigue countermeasures. User accounts are provided for the schedulers, dispatchers, and safety personnel.

  • Setup of the service for interaction with your scheduling system
  • Web based training for users to learn the system and fatigue risk management basics
  • Schedulers and Safety Personnel will also have access to Fatigue Meter Pro Planner for dedicated fatigue planning outside the scheduling system and or post flight assessments


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