Aviation Fatigue Meter and USAIG Partnership

USAIG provides eligible policyholders with discounted access to our tools and services, including Fatigue Meter and Fatigue Snapshot

Jul 1, 2015

Eligible USAIG policyholders can select from two new Performance Vector options.

Pulsar Fatigue Risk Management System Package includes a year’s subscription to Fatigue Meter, which enable up to 5 safety managers/schedulers to proactively evaluate fatigue across the entire operation’s schedule. Fatigue Meter interfaces with popular SMS and scheduling software platforms (or can be used standalone) to proactively evaluate fatigue across the entire operation’s schedule, identify fatigue hotspots in schedules and crew pairings, view summary statistics, and design optimal fatigue countermeasures.

  • Additional user licenses can be purchased beyond the 5 included in this package at a discounted rate of $162 annually per additional user.
  • New subscribers to Fatigue Meter receive the first 12-month subscription term paid in full by USAIG. An integration fee may be applicable to integrate with your scheduling or safety management (SMS) tools.
  • If you already subscribe to Fatigue Meter, USAIG will contribute $2,500 toward your subscription renewal cost.

We are delighted to connect our policyholders with Pulsar Informatics’ expertise and world class fatigue risk management programs. Pulsar’s approach perfectly blends attention to policy, training, and continuous risk monitoring. These programs are practical, easy to implement, and represent real advances in addressing fatigue risks in aviation.

David McKay, USAIG President and CEO

Pulsar Fatigue Risk Management Policy and Training Package helps operators baseline their existing fatigue risk posture and delivers fatigue training through three separate webinars designed for management, operational personnel and aircraft maintenance technicians respectively. Select one of these two services:

  • Fatigue Risk Management Policy Review - Pulsar’s experts will review your policies and procedures regarding fatigue risk management. A teleconference with the safety manager or other organizational leaders will follow to discuss findings and recommendations. A report outlining any recommendations to optimally align with FSF, IS-BAO, and/or FAA guidelines is provided.


  • Fatigue Snapshot - A four-week operational field study will be conducted remotely by Pulsar for up to 8 client participants to baseline operational fatigue risk posture. A teleconference briefing and report of findings is provided. (Note: client can elect to purchase additional participants directly from Pulsar, if desired.)



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Paul Ratte - USAIG’s Aviation Safety Programs Director

Steve Bruneau - Pulsar’s Chief Operating Officer


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