Is fatigue putting your business at risk?

Alert workers are more productive and experience fewer accidents. Our technology gives real-time information about fatigue levels in your operation, so you can actively manage risk and improve overall performance.

We have been implementing fatigue risk management solutions for over 15 years.

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Our products and services are designed to make fatigue risk management decisions easy.

We can help you identify ways to reduce the fatigue impact on your team, and help you maintain a safe, efficient operation.

Bill Grimes, Director of Safety, Part 135 operator
“We use the Pulsar Fleet Insight as an integral segment of our overall Fatigue Risk Management System. Operating an average of over 125 flights per day, we use Fleet Insight to monitor pilot fatigue risks fleet wide. In addition, we effectively use it to prospectively evaluate potential flight crew fatigue risks on targeted trips. Specifically to evaluate the need for flight crew fatigue mitigation steps for planned trips that operate in the crew’s window of circadian low (WOCL). It works seamlessly with the FOS scheduling tool and provides easily interpreted fatigue data to help make effective fact based decisions. ”
– Bill Grimes, Director of Safety, Part 135 operator