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May 4 2016

Business Jet Access Adopts Fatigue Meter

AviationCase Studies, Partnership

Learn how James Cox and his team at Business Jet Access are using Fatigue Meter to manage fatigue risk.

Dec 1 2012

Pulsar’s PVT measures astronaut’s behavioral alertness while on the ISS

PulsarCase Studies

For astronauts working aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in low-Earth orbit, getting adequate sleep is a challenge. That’s where the PVT comes into play. It informs astronauts when their performance drops below optimal ranges.

Dec 5 2012

Pulsar Informatics supports hospital study of physician alertness management strategies

WorkforceCase Studies, Studies

Allowing a protected sleep period while on call resulted in an increase in overnight sleep duration and improved alertness the next morning.

Nov 9 2015

Mitigating warfighter fatigue risk with the Fatigue Meter web service technology

PulsarCase Studies, Studies, Customers

Fatigue Meter is being integrated with submarine mission planning software to provide Navy mission planners with the capability to develop fatigue-optimized watchbills and mission plans and track fatigue real-time during missions.

May 3 2016

Aviation Fatigue Meter Info Sheet


Marketing Info Sheet for Aviation Fatigue Meter™. Learn about the products and services tailored for the Aviation Industry.

Apr 26 2016

Pulsar conducts a study on the fatigue impacts of work hour limitations for CMV drivers

TruckingCase Studies, Studies

We were selected to conduct the study with WSU. Our team provided software to collect vehicle driving and safety data and to assess driver’s alertness and work rest patterns.

May 3 2016

Trucking Fatigue Meter Info Sheet


Marketing Info Sheet for Trucking Fatigue Meter™.  Learn about the products and services tailored for the Trucking Industry.

Oct 1 2014

Technology currently used by astronauts on the ISS can now be used here on Earth

TruckingCase Studies, Studies

The PVT was used to evaluate HOS regulations.

May 3 2016

Workforce Fatigue Meter Info Sheet


Marketing Sales Sheet for Workforce Fatigue Meter™. Learn about the products and services tailored for any organization managing a mission critical workforce.

Oct 7 2016

Fatigue in Trucking


Unmanaged fatigue risk can jeopardize the safety of drivers and others who share the road, be very costly, and negatively impact company reputation. Here are some of the key aspects to consider and tips to lower fatigue risk.