Is fatigue putting your business at risk?

Alert workers are more productive and experience fewer accidents. Our technology gives real-time information about fatigue levels in your operation, so you can actively manage risk and improve overall performance.

We have been implementing fatigue risk management solutions since 2003.

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Stobart Air
“Our implementation experience has been very positive. The team at Pulsar Informatics were extremely easy to deal with and worked closely with our rostering system supplier to deliver a direct interface. The power of the tool is quite incredible and having the means to refer to an objective and validated model empowers us to make informed decisions on how we roster. The intuitiveness of the interface has also made it very easy for us to pitch it to front line staff, whose buy-in we will need in order to make the culture change necessary for our FRMS to be truly effective. I can only see Fleet Insight and Fatigue Meter Pro Planner becoming increasingly important tools with which we can improve the safety of our operations. ”
– Brian Horgan, Operations Director