Is fatigue putting your business at risk?

Alert workers are more productive and experience fewer accidents. Our technology gives real-time information about fatigue levels in your operation, so you can actively manage risk and improve overall performance.

We have been implementing fatigue risk management solutions since 2003.

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Stephen Harms, Director and Chief Pilot of a Part 91 Operator
“We have been using Fatigue Meter for several years.  Every pilot is able to upload his or her FOS flight schedules and Fitbit sleep data into Fatigue Meter. It provides invaluable insight into personal fatigue. By allowing each pilot to input their proposed rest period into Fatigue Meter prior to flight, pilots are able to arrange their rest schedule with a time that will have the greatest impact mitigating their personal fatigue during the flight. It has allowed the Lead PIC to review the fatigue levels for the entire flight and push back on flight schedules where fatigue is predicted to be at an unsafe level and not easily mitigated to a lower level. Being IS-BAO stage III, we have used this data as part of our Fatigue Management plan. ”
– Stephen Harms, Director and Chief Pilot of a Part 91 Operator