Everyone knows fatigue is dangerous and costly.

But what to do about it? There haven’t been tools to make fatigue risk management decisions easy. Until now.

Fatigue Meter by Pulsar Informatics

How does it work?


Our systems integrate with your scheduling and logging systems to import your workers’ duty schedules. You can analyze historical data as well as run scenarios to plan future schedules.

Import work schedules from your scheduling application.


Fatigue Meter’s algorithms apply the latest, peer-reviewed science to analyze your operational data. Our proprietary Off-Duty Behavior model estimates individual sleep periods and fatigue levels. Then predictive analytics give you a picture of each worker’s expected fatigue profile several days forward. Download more information about our fatigue model.


Our user-friendly dashboard lets you explore options to mitigate fatigue risk in upcoming schedules. Once your team decides on the best approach, you can proceed to implement the necessary changes in your scheduling system.

Spot fatigue risk and make the necessary scheduling changes before something happens


Whether it’s real-time monitoring or developing future work schedules, our tools help you maintain a safe and high-performance operation. Use our custom performance metrics to grade the safety of future schedules and evaluate the impact of planned process improvements.

Spotting fatigue risks ahead of time allows you to fine-tune upcoming schedules to maximize safety.

Originally developed for NASA and DOD, our technologies offer the best in security, performance, and ease of use.

What our customers are saying.

Walter Johansen, Chief Pilot
“For roughly a year and a half CCRA has been operating a Fatigue Management System. While there are many moving parts to any of the prolific three letter acronym programs in our industry, Pulsar’s Fatigue Meter is a moving part of the highest importance. Fatigue Meter has allowed us to synthesize objective sleep data collected from our various activity trackers. The trouble with fatigue is it’s much like inebriation, you think you’re  “Ok” when you’re not. No longer is a purely subjective opinion needed to help determine each crew member’s fatigue status. Not only has Fatigue Meter allowed us to input quality fatigue data into our ARINC Flight-Risk Analysis, but it’s allowed us to be tactical on our long-haul augmented-crew trips. The data from Fatigue Meter allows the trip captain to plan the in-flight rest/duty cycles in advance to determine what duration and rest period will keep each crew member operating at peak performance. We would highly recommend Fatigue Meter to any safety conscious flight department. ”
– Walter Johansen, Chief Pilot, Cook Canyon Ranch Aviation