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Feb 6 2018

Fatigue Meter contributes to better safety measures and reduced operating costs

TruckingCase Studies

JB Hunt Intermodal in Harrisburg augmented their existing safety systems with Fatigue Meter to help manage driver fatigue risk. One year later, the operation is seeing marked improvements in safety indicators and reduced operational costs.

Nov 2 2017

Fatigue Snapshot Info Sheet for Trucking


Summary document outlining the procedures used by Pulsar to facilitate an operational field study for your trucking operation.

Oct 20 2017

Fruit Flies, Circadian Rhythms, and Fatigue Risk Management

Aviation, PVT WorkFitFatigue

Recently, it was announced that this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three scientists for their research on biological clocks and 24-hour circadian rhythms. Although their experiments were done on fruit flies, their discoveries are directly applicable to our understanding of how humans are affected by fatigue.

Given that we now know where fatigue comes from, how to measure it, and how to mitigate it, it behooves us to become proactive and manage it. If you are considering when is the best time for your organization to embrace fatigue risk management, sleep on it, and you will likely find that now is just the right time.

May 10 2017

Fatigue Risk Management – Valuable for Safety, Good for Business


Developing a culture of fatigue risk management is a must and, in many cases, can be a cost-neutral endeavor.

Apr 27 2017

PVT WorkFit Info Sheet

PVT WorkFit

Learn how easy it is to identify employees with alertness deficits caused by fatigue, medication use, and medical conditions.

Oct 7 2016

Fatigue in Trucking


Unmanaged fatigue risk can jeopardize the safety of drivers and others who share the road, be very costly, and negatively impact company reputation. Here are some of the key aspects to consider and tips to lower fatigue risk.

May 4 2016

Business Jet Access Adopts Fatigue Meter

AviationCase Studies, Partnership

Learn how James Cox and his team at Business Jet Access are using Fatigue Meter to manage fatigue risk.

May 3 2016

Fatigue Facts: How Jet Lag Can Cause Fatigue Risk


Jetlag results when a traveler’s internal biological clock remains synchronized to their home time zone after traveling to a different time zone. Learn more about the circadian misalignment concept known as Jet Lag.

May 3 2016

Trucking Fatigue Meter Info Sheet


Marketing Sales Sheet for Trucking Fatigue Meter™.  Learn about the products and services tailored for the Trucking Industry.

May 3 2016

Workforce Fatigue Meter Info Sheet


Marketing Sales Sheet for Workforce Fatigue Meter™. Learn about the products and services tailored for any organization managing a mission critical workforce.