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Aviation Fatigue Meter

How does Fatigue Meter fit my company’s workflow?

Assess fatigue risk levels while planning upcoming schedules.

Fleet Insight allows you to assess fatigue risk in future flights and duties as you plan your fleet’s upcoming schedule. You can bulk load schedules or link to a fully integrated scheduling tool to access this information automatically.

As flight and duty schedules change, you can quickly identify high fatigue risk situations and evaluate mitigations with the click of a button using the objective, data-driven process of Fatigue Meter.

Quickly identify non-conformances with FSF and EASA Duty/Rest limits.

Give your crew access to their fatigue risk profile.

Pro Planner gives your pilots, flight attendants and maintenance workers the ability to monitor their own fatigue risk. Individuals can evaluate their flight and duty schedules alongside personal constraints and sleep habits to understand their own fatigue risk profile. Using the tool on a routine basis builds fatigue level awareness and can contribute to better sleep health.

Sleep times can be calculated automatically or imported from the supported sleep tracking devices below. If your preferred device is not listed, contact us.

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