Active fatigue risk management does more than just protect your drivers.

It benefits your customers, your company brand image, and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Aviation Fatigue Meter

How does Fatigue Meter fit my company’s workflow?

Monitor fatigue risk levels while managing loads.

Dashboard provides you with a real time picture of the fatigue risks across your fleet. With a seamless integration to your ELD system, Dashboard samples data throughout the day to monitor risk levels. As soon as a set fatigue threshold is exceeded, your fleet managers are notified and can immediately kick into action with safety coaching or another appropriate intervention.

A notification is sent whenever a driver exceeds your company’s specified fatigue threshold.

Help your drivers understand the fatigue risk implications based on their duty and sleep patterns.

Timeline View helps you coach your driver through transitions into night shift and the impacts of consecutive duty days. It also helps you determine whether fatigue may have been a causal factor in a safety critical event assessment.

With having only 5 hours a sleep for four consecutive nights, this driver's fatigue risk stays above the threshold for the majority of the week. 

Gain insight before setting future schedules.

Fleet Insight provides valuable information to help operate a safer fleet. Benchmark your operation’s fatigue risk, monitor trends, and set safety thresholds backed by actual data.

Quickly compare past averages and adjust upcoming schedules accordingly.