“Ensuring the best possible performance is only possible if you have good data on which to base your decisions. That’s why the precision, accuracy, and reliability of our products are always a top priority.”

Daniel Mollicone, PhD, CEO, Pulsar Informatics

Sleep science is continually evolving. We collaborate with the most prominent researchers in the field.

We are actively involved in supporting a variety of sleep research studies around the world. We are also leaders in the performance of high-fidelity field studies of operational alertness. Our R&D activities fundamentally support our efforts to create products that are grounded in the best science.

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Caffeine Will Enable Me To Power Through My Day. Right?

Jun 9, 2021
Fatigue Management Plan

We classify caffeine as a personal countermeasure and advise our customers to use it strategically. Personal countermeasures should not solely be relied upon as fatigue risk mitigations. At best, they may complement risk controls implemented as part of a robust and evidence-based fatigue risk management program. Read on to learn more.

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Webinar: SPIs, Biomathematical Models, and other Technologies to Quantify and Mitigate Fatigue Risk

Jun 7, 2021

Measuring improvement in safety performance typically is achieved through establishing and reviewing Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs). This presentation will review a complete process that enables a systematic approach to manage fatigue risk and drive sustainable safety improvements that are measurable through SPIs.

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Webinar: Implementing a Fatigue Management Program and the IS-BAO: Overview of the Key Elements

Jun 7, 2021

When we are fatigued, we are impaired. But how much fatigue is too much? This presentation will demonstrate a comprehensive approach to fatigue risk management using a quantitative objective framework with clear thresholds to trigger fatigue mitigation workflows.