“Ensuring the best possible performance is only possible if you have good data on which to base your decisions. That’s why the precision, accuracy, and reliability of our products are always a top priority.”

Daniel Mollicone, PhD, CEO, Pulsar Informatics

Founder owned and operated since 2003, we are in the heart of the University City Science Center in Philadelphia.

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Sleep science is continually evolving. We collaborate with the most prominent researchers in the field.

We are actively involved in supporting a variety of sleep research studies around the world. We are also leaders in the performance of high-fidelity field studies of operational alertness. Our R&D activities fundamentally support our efforts to create products that are grounded in the best science.

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Image showing airline mechanics at work.

Emerging From The Pandemic – Is Your Air Operation Ready?

Mar 30, 2021

While the pandemic has not yet fully run its course, today the green shoots of a recovery are visible. A dramatic economic stimulus package has been signed into law. People are getting vaccinated. And air travel is picking up. Are you ready?

How to Combat Revenge Procrastination

Mar 8, 2021
Alertness Deficits, FRMS Aviation

Scientists call it delayed sleep onset. Millennials are calling it “revenge bedtime procrastination.” Is it a real thing?

Image of a pilot wearing a mask in the cockpit. Headline text reads "How Many Hours Are You Really Working?"

Aviation Operators: How many Hours Are You Really Working?

Dec 3, 2020
FRMS Business Aviation Safety

Is the pandemic elevating fatigue risk for your organization? The PVT is a fast, accurate way to find out.