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Daniel Mollicone and Mark McIntyre discuss the impact of fatigue on performance at BASS 2018

Feb 20, 2019
FRMS Business Aviation Safety

Daniel Mollicone, Ph.D., CEO of Pulsar Informatics, and Mark McIntyre, Director of Flight Operations at Mente LLC, presented a talk discussing the impact of fatigue on performance.

"We're the only species that isn't nocturnal that pretends to be," Mollicone noted. "When you're flying at night you're working against your biology," he said, adding that "willpower is not a reliable countermeasure" to sleep debt.

Mente, a Part 91 business aviation operation based in Seattle, is a customer of Pulsar and is implementing a fatigue risk management system (FRMS). McIntyre said his group’s requirements were that the FRMS had to be simple, scalable and effective. He also pointed out the importance of providing adequate sleep opportunities, both in terms of time and location, for flight crews. He said individual crewmembers have a responsibility to take maximum advantage of the rest and sleep opportunities they are given.

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