FRMS Forum Hosted by Transport Canada

Jul 10, 2020
FRMS Aviation

The Canadian aviation industry is at the forefront of Transport Canada’s agenda, particularly with regards to maintaining the highest levels of safety. The FRMS Forum provides a platform for a range of aviation safety leaders to speak and engage on challenges and opportunities surrounding fatigue risks and fatigue risk management. The ultimate goal for the FRMS Forum is to educate the industry on the principles of FRMS; support the aviation industry’s implementation of FRMS; and share the knowledge and tools to help them manage fatigue related risks in their organizations.

Dr. Daniel Mollicone and Matthew van Wollen of Pulsar Informatics are attending the forum in Montreal. During day one, Daniel will discuss the challenges in data collection, offer advice on managing collected data, and compare the benefits of subjective and objective measures. In the morning of day two, Daniel will discuss the development of a safety case and provide two real-world examples to learn from. There are several Q&A sessions across the two day event where Daniel and Matthew will share their FRMS knowledge to support Transport Canada's goal of educating organizations on the principles of managing fatigue risk.

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