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May 3 2016

Fatigue in Corporate Aviation: The science of fatigue, operational risk, and mitigation strategies


Summary document explaining some of the key fatigue risk concepts related to the Aviation Industry.

Oct 7 2016

Fatigue in Trucking


Unmanaged fatigue risk can jeopardize the safety of drivers and others who share the road, be very costly, and negatively impact company reputation. Here are some of the key aspects to consider and tips to lower fatigue risk.

Feb 6 2018

Fatigue Meter contributes to better safety measures and reduced operating costs

TruckingCase Studies

JB Hunt Intermodal in Harrisburg augmented their existing safety systems with Fatigue Meter to help manage driver fatigue risk. One year later, the operation is seeing marked improvements in safety indicators and reduced operational costs.

May 10 2017

Fatigue Risk Management – Valuable for Safety, Good for Business


Developing a culture of fatigue risk management is a must and, in many cases, can be a cost-neutral endeavor.

May 3 2016

Fatigue Snapshot Info Sheet for Aviation


Summary document outlining the procedures used by Pulsar to facilitate an operational field study for your aviation operation.

Nov 2 2017

Fatigue Snapshot Info Sheet for Trucking


Summary document outlining the procedures used by Pulsar to facilitate an operational field study for your trucking operation.

Mar 23 2020

JB Hunt Case Study – Be Productive and Improve Safety

TruckingCase Studies, Customers, Fatigue Management Plan, Driver Coaching Process

J. B. Hunt Intermodal in Harrisburg continues to see positive ROI from their safety initiatives with a further year-over-year improvement in safety indicators and reduced operational costs. Fatigue MeterTM is a core part of the driver coaching and intervention process that enables the carrier to achieve its safety and productivity targets.

Nov 9 2015

Mitigating warfighter fatigue risk with the Fatigue Meter web service technology

PulsarCase Studies, Studies, Customers

Fatigue Meter is being integrated with submarine mission planning software to provide Navy mission planners with the capability to develop fatigue-optimized watchbills and mission plans and track fatigue real-time during missions.

May 3 2016

Our Fatigue Model


Technical summary document providing the scientific background behind the Fatigue Meter algorithms (including the biomathematical model).

Apr 26 2016

Pulsar conducts a study on the fatigue impacts of work hour limitations for CMV drivers

TruckingCase Studies, Studies

We were selected to conduct the study with WSU. Our team provided software to collect vehicle driving and safety data and to assess driver’s alertness and work rest patterns.