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CABAA Safety Day

Steve is presenting at CABAA Safety Day

Feb 27, 2019
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This year’s motto at CABAA Safety day “Safety in the air begins on the ground” will bring the top business aviation experts in field of fatigue management, legal issues, the NTSB, medical and security, and business aviation hiring in today’s market.

FMCSA supports the development of Trucking Fatigue Meter

Feb 19, 2019

Starting in 2017, FMCSA supported the development of our fatigue management technology for the trucking industry.

TCA's 81st Annual Convention

Come see us at TCA's 81st Annual Convention

Feb 18, 2019

If you’re attending the Truckload Carriers Association’s 81st annual convention, stop by booth #131 to see firsthand how easy it is to identify fatigue risk and explore mitigation options using Fatigue Meter.