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Managing Fatigue with Quantitative Data

Nov 4, 2021

It may be November, but the clouds are clearing for air operators. People are flying again. Business meetings are being scheduled live. And the busy holiday season is coming up soon. Is your flight department ready?

Image of the Inspiration4 crew

Neurocognitive performance study with NASA astronauts

Oct 1, 2021
Research study

Pulsar Informatics supports a study conducted with NASA astronauts to improve understanding of how the general population will behave and perform in space travel, which becomes more relevant as more spaceflight passengers explore our solar system.

Airline pilot yawning

European Regulators, Industry Take On Pilot Fatigue Issues

Sep 30, 2021
Fatigue Management Plan

Regulators and industry groups are increasingly becoming concerned about risks related to fatigue that are inherent to business aviation and have been developing new regulatory requirements and industry best practices to address this issue.